Leverage stimulus funds for needed learning.

Leverage Education Stabilization Funding for grades K–12 into powerful programs that address the pandemic’s impact on learning.

Overview of stimulus funding legislation.

Below you’ll find a summary of information on CARES, CRRSA, and ARPA, the three federal stimulus bills that provide school districts with relief funding.


The $2.2 trillion CARES, passed in 2020, appropriated $13.2 billion for The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER l) and $3 billion for The Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEER I).


The $1.4 trillion CRRSA (aka HR-133) appropriated $54.3 billion for ESSER ll and $4 billion for GEER ll, including $2.75 billion of EANS funds for non-public schools.


Passed in 2021, ARPA delivered a $1.9 trillion third round of pandemic funds including $122.8 billion for ESSER lll and $2.75 billion for EANS ll, plus $3 billion for special education.

Curriculum solutions that qualify for stimulus funding.

Discover reading intervention programs, catch-up tools, and solutions for instruction and practice from School Specialty that meet specific stimulus funding criteria.

Meeting funding criteria specific to unfinished learning.

CRRSA and ARPA funds can be used for curriculum programs for unfinished learning. Here’s a listing of key products and the funding eligibility criteria they satisfy.

See the estimated funds available to your district.

View the dollar amount of ESSER funding available to your state and district, and when those funds must be obligated. (Source: Whiteboard Advisors)

Key terms explained

This handy reference guide lists the words worth knowing as you learn more about education stabilization dollars.

Qualifying programs for your students.

A collection of curriculum solutions that provide reading intervention, accelerated learning tools, and instruction and practice for grades K-12. In print, digital and hybrid formats.